Good Bye Miss Walker!

Nuttall Nation was so lucky to have a former MBS student Miss Walker come and volunteer in our classroom.  She is a student at Colchester High school who hopes to become a teacher.  She was an amazing addition to our classroom helping out and getting to know all of the students.  Her last day was on Thursday but she got to join us for our bowling celebration at Spare Time.
We were all sad to say good bye.  We wish her well on her exams and hope that she will be able to stop by and visit us before the end of the school year.

4th Graders Go Bowling!

MBS students earned a whole school celebration for filling up Oscar.  On Thursday all of MBS 4th graders headed down the road to Spare Time.  We had a great time bowling as a whole 4th grade (Summit and Lighthouse).  We took up the whole place!  A big thank you to Miss Walker and all of the parents who came out to celebrate with us.  Your support is greatly appreciated


Vermont Book Group Projects

This fall/winter, the students in Nuttall Nation worked in small groups to read books with a Vermont Theme.  We read Little Champ by Jim Arnosky, The Champlain Monster by Jeff Danzinger, The Captive of Pittsford Ridge by Janice Ovecka and Green Mountain Hero by Edgar N. Jackson.  At the end of the book each student made a poster showing what they had learned about the characters, setting and plot.

Holiday Celebration

We will have our holiday celebration on Friday, December 21st.  I am hoping to have a variety of different activities planned throughout the day.  We have an assembly at 2 pm so I would like to have a special snack during our mid morning snack time, and more sweet treats in the afternoon.  During Open House I had a celebration sign up sheet out at a table.  A couple of families have already signed up to send in an item for our Holiday Celebration.  I will call or email those families who have already signed up.  I am still looking for a few things listed below.  If you can donate any of the items below please email me at Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
Vegetables and dip Fruit Cupcakes or cookies Drinks-hot chocolate mix/mini marshmallows Cups Plates

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

MBS Book Fair

We will be having our school Book Fair running the week of November 13-16th.  The book fair will be open in the mornings from 8 am-8:30 am and again at the end of the school day from 3-4 pm.

It's Fall Conference Time!

Family conferences will be held on Monday, November 19th  and Tuesday, November 20th.
Please sign up for a conference using our PICK-A-TIME system.  I look forward to meeting with

4 Winds- Life in the dirt

Students enjoyed exploring life in the dirt.  They watched a puppet show with several classmates giving their voices to the lead roles.  Students got a hands on experience with worms.  They looked at them up close and got to see how they move.  They discussed how they survive in their environment. 


Students have been learning about Energy through readings and hands-on investigations using light bulbs, D-cell batteries, circuit boards, wires and various other materials. The first investigation asked students to light a mini light bulb using a D-cell battery and two wires. The focus question students were asked to think about was What is needed to light a bulb?

In our 2nd investigation students were learning about conductors vs. insulators.  The focus question was What materials transfer electricity? Materials that were good conductors could be used to make a circuit complete and make a motor turn on.  Students figured out that metal objects were great conductors, where items such as wood, plastic and fabric were insulators so they did not conduct electricity(energy) to make the motor run.

In our 3rd investigation students took what they had learned from the previous investigation and were asked to think about series and parallel circuits.   They were asked How can you light two …