Students have been learning about Energy through readings and hands-on investigations using light bulbs, D-cell batteries, circuit boards, wires and various other materials. The first investigation asked students to light a mini light bulb using a D-cell battery and two wires. The focus question students were asked to think about was What is needed to light a bulb?

In our 2nd investigation students were learning about conductors vs. insulators.  The focus question was What materials transfer electricity? Materials that were good conductors could be used to make a circuit complete and make a motor turn on.  Students figured out that metal objects were great conductors, where items such as wood, plastic and fabric were insulators so they did not conduct electricity(energy) to make the motor run.

In our 3rd investigation students took what they had learned from the previous investigation and were asked to think about series and parallel circuits.   They were asked How can you light two …

No School on October 18th & 19th

Good Afternoon Nuttall Nation Families,

Just wanted to send out a reminder that students don't have school this Thursday, October 18th & Friday, October 19th.  We will be back in full swing on Monday.  I hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

Nuttall Nation Celebration!

Our class has once again filled our fish bowl!  The class has earned a celebration.  We will have comfy clothes/PJ day tomorrow.  Students can also bring in 1 stuffed animal to school.  The stuffed animal must be able to fit inside their backpack to come to school. Looking forward to a fun Friday!

Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders are due online or sent into school by Friday, September 27th.

Signing into Technology

Students can log in to Dreambox, Raz Kids, Epic and Lexia from home, using the Clever Portal.

To access the Clever Portal:

MBS students access the portal using their Google logins
( then put in their password which is a color word and four digits (Gold####).

Note: The first letter of students last and first name have to be a capital letter. The first letter of color word Gold also has to be capitalized.


To sign into Epic students need to click on the Epic application from the clever portal.  They will be directed to put in our class code.  Ms. Nuttall's Class code is bdb9068.  Happy Reading!

First Early Release Day

Summit 4th Families,

We will have our first Early Release Day this Wednesday, September 26th.  Students will be dismissed from school at 12:45.

Open House

Thank you so much to all my students, family and guests who came to our Open House.  It was such a pleasure to meet you all!  I only wish I would have had more time to talk with each of you.   Thank you so much for your kindness and support!